How do I use 450TeL to make a long distance call?
  • Enjoy low rates with 450TeL by simply dialing 10-18-450 and then the number you need to call. After dialling 10-18-450, do not wait for the dial tone. Just dial 10-18-450 and the subsequent numbers in one consecutive sequence.  For example, to call the US dial 10-18-450-1 and then the area code and phone number. To call overseas, dial 10-18-450-011 and then the country code, area code and phone number.

How can I be sure that my call will be billed through you when I dial 10-18-450?

  • Every time you dial 10-18-450 your call will be routed through 450TeL.

How are you able to offer such low rates?

  • We keep our rates low by cutting down on overhead and maximizing our company’s efficiency. Everyone at 450TeL is committed to offering a high-quality low-cost product.

Will the quality of the calls I place with 450TeL be any different than what I'm used to?

  • No. The quality of the calls you place using 450TeL will be identical to what you’re used to with your current long distance carrier.

How do I know if 10-48-450 is available to me?

  • 10-18-450 is only compatible with Bell, Rogers and Videotron landlines in Ontario and Quebec. The service will not work with cell phones, payphones, hotel phones, dormitories, and most businesses.

Are there any minimums or hidden fees associated with 450TeL?

  • With every 450 call, you’re either offered a flat per minute rate or a bundle of up to 20 minutes for 50 cents, depending on the country you’re calling. For countries where 20 minutes are offered, after you’ve exhausted your set number of minutes, each additional minute will be billed separately. If you choose to terminate your call before you’ve exhausted the number of minutes you will still be billed for fifty cents, so keep on talking! With 450TeL you pay only for your usage. There are absolutely no monthly charges or network fees to worry about.

When can I start using 10-18-45?

  • You can start using 450TeL immediately on almost any landline phone in Ontario and Quebec. For detailed instructions on dialing, click here

What is the cheapest time of day to call using 10-18-45?

  • Our rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t limit your savings to just evenings and weekends, you can use 450TeL any time!

Can I use 10-18-45 from a landline in the US?

  • For the time being, 450TeL is only available from landlines in Ontario and Quebec. However, 450TeL is always looking for ways to expand and improve service. Check back soon!

If I already have a long distance provider can I use 10-18-45 as well?

  • Yes, you can definitely use 10-18-45 in combination with other long distance providers. No carrier can limit or prevent you from taking advantage of 450TeL supervalue rates!

Why are some rates substantially better than others?

  • The rates we’re able to offer depend on the telecommunication companies and networks set up in the country you’re calling. Even if two countries are neighbours, the cost of calling can be very different.

When should I expect to see the calls I place through 450TeL on my bill?

  • Your charges will appear on your regular phone bill, in a section labeled Other Carrier Messages between 1 and 3 weeks after the call was originally made.

Will I be notified of any sudden rate changes?

  • 450TeL’s up to date rates are always available on the rate page of our website. Increases in rates with 450TeL are very rare. We’re always looking for ways to make calling more affordable, so when checking are rates, makes sure to keep an eye out for decreases!

I'm having difficulty reaching the international number I'm calling. Whose fault is that?

  • International calls, especially to certain countries, are not always reliable due to a combination of factors: infrastructure in the country, rate of traffic, among others. 450TeL uses the same systems as other carriers to route your calls to other countries. If you’re having technical difficulties, please contact us
    . One of our friendly representatives will be happy to investigate the problem and we’ll do whatever’s in our control to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If I don't use up all the minutes allowed for 50 cents, am I still going to get charged 50 cents?

  • The 450TeL dialing program is designed so that the first bundle of minutes you get for 50 cents makes the per minute rate significantly cheaper than the industry standard. Even if you don’t use up all your minutes, you’ll still be charged 50 cents — but remember that even so, you’re likely paying less than you would with another provider.

If I'm calling to a cell phone is it going to be more expensive?

  • If you’re calling to a cellular phone in North America and some international destinations, the rates will be the same. Certain international countries have separate rates for calls to cellular phones and special termination codes and those are always listed on our rate sheet. If you’re thinking about calling a cell phone internationally, just make sure that you visit our rates page first to confirm the price you’ll be charged for the call.

Can I use 450TeL from my cell phone?

  • Unfortunately, 450TeL is not yet available from cell phones. But check back soon because we’re always looking for new ways to allow our customers to make affordable long distance calls!

What if I'm travelling, can I still take advantage of 450TeL's great rates?

  • Unfortunately, 450TeL is not yet available in the form of a calling card or other travel-friendly medium. But check back soon because we’re always looking for new ways to allow our customers to make affordable long distance calls!